Mrs. Jagi Mangat Panda Director & Co-founder OTV Network

As an entrepreneur, I have been a part of debates/discussions where we asked ourselves the same old question--Why are there such few women entrepreneurs (especially first generation) and such few women at work? Several explanations are typically proffered, many of them simplistic. Women are less interested in running their own businesses and are more likely to work with someone; Women have contributed as ‘Intrapreneurs’ for far too long by remaining behind their men... there is a dearth of role models for women entrepreneurs. Another is the meager encouragement that parents and teachers offer grade-school-aged girls. No one ever says you will become an entrepreneur or join the creative field when you grow up. It’s either you should be a doctor, engineer, teacher etc....and the most common of all - women's decision to have children at the prime of their careers..

These explanations may be all true but are insufficient. Because despite all of the above; women today have come a long way. Similarly how can we have more role fact we do have many role models but we rarely showcase them. If we put them on the pedestal, thousands of other aspiring women will be encouraged. Media’s support is very important in spreading this message provided the media change their mindset of covering people who are celebrities. OTV, Odisha's largest broadcast network has just done that. This is the first of its kind, and as a humble beginning we have decided to honor and recognize five women for their contribution to society who we think can be role models for many. I am quite certain there are many more women out there who deserve the same recognition and we at OTV will strive to work towards recognizing such role models every year. We look forward to your support and active participation. Thank you very much!.

Awardess 2016